TT creative was born during a political workshop with Sarah Boris and Craig Oldham in 2019. We discussed graphic design and how, as creatives, we can make a change through what we do. At the end of the workshop we were asked to make round badges with a statement we wanted to protest, and after a couple of designs, the logo for TT Creative was made.

Harvard published a study in 2015 (link) where they showed different pieces of creative expressions, designs, paintings, etc, to a group of subjects, both male and female. These were shown to the subjects individually, changing the gender of the creator. Both genders rated the work as more creative when they knew a man had done it.

Why, when a woman is behind a product or an idea, do we feel like it loses value? Like their creativity isn't as valid? This seems to be an internalised skewed vision where males are viewed as higher up and more valuable than their female counterparts. Is this why we still have a massive gender pay gap?

In the current masculine work environment, we've fallen victims to pragmatism, working unnecessary long hours, and prioritising a toxic work relationship over a healthy, balanced lifestyle – all for the sake of how the patriarchal society values success. Success is an individual and subjective achievement, so why have we let our feminine approach to life take a back seat? Where have our emotions, feelings, and passion gone?

Through TT Creative I want to open a conversation about femininity and claiming this side back to our process, creating a community of not only women but feminine focus creatives.

— Luthiem Escalona
edited by Silje Bergum